Research scientist, specie insurance consultant,
Scientific writer and editor


DDL Research Services is the European business enterprise of
Dr. Dan Howell, co-founder and chief scientist of Diamond Durability Laboratory (DDL) in New York.

Based in the Netherlands, I presently undertake academic research with a couple of world leading universities, while being a visitor at the Vrije University in Amsterdam. I am a geologist with varied research expertise, including:
petrology, geochemistry, spectroscopy, economic geology, mineral exploration and material science.


Through both DDL and DDL-RS I offer a number of services to:
+ the academic / scientific research community,
+ mining, exploration and diamond manufacturing businesses,
+ and the insurance industry.

Examples of jobs I have undertaken (but not limited to):
+ editing scientific papers, proposals and press releases
for both language and scientific content,
+ processing large datasets from mineral exploration projects,
+ consultant for specie insurance claims cases
involving diamonds and precious gem stones,
+ consultant to diamond manufacturers on how best
to handle truly unique stones.

Most of my services are tailored to suit a clients needs, so if you think I maybe able to assist with your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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In 2012, I published two papers on the DiaMap program - software designed to automatically deconvolute FTIR spectra of Type Ia diamonds.
Here I provide the latest Excel and PERL files for process individual and bulk spectra respectively. DiaMap has been expanded to work on Type Ib spectra (included in DiaMap excel file, but separate PERL script), fluid-inclusion-rich spectra (Excel only) and Type IIb spectra (both Excel and PERL). Once the work on these versions is published, they will be provided here.
This work is provided free of charge, all I ask is that you acknowledge the use of DiaMap in your own research and cite my relevant papers.

DiaMap Files:


A list of my publications can be downloaded below.